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David Tureček

Česká republika

David Tureček connects two levels in his work. One is concrete, often figurative, lasts from the very beginning and contains "classical" sculptural principles. The second, abstract level, is focused on the process and the search for a raw balance between the concept, processing and direct expression of materials. Mostly it is an intuitive composing of non-specific compositions, the result of which is only to evoke various impressions and moods. Both levels are connected by a common theme, often directed towards sensitive childhood and adolescence.

A colab with Sara Skoczková:

Sara and David often collaborate, dealing with a similar inner theme that is intertwined in the sculptures. Their views of the world and their work complement each other, although they differ in many ways. With a different approach to creation, they confront each other, and this confrontation enriches them with a broader perspective. The "Billboard" is a concrete object based on raw impression and peripheral perception of the surroundings, in this case a subliminal perception of ubiquitous concrete and advertising spaces with layered deposits of information.

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Dimensions: 220 x 110 x 40 cm
Technique: sculpture / object
Material: cement, sand, wood, iron, PVC, paper

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OffTheWall_199 (1).jpg
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