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Jitka Kopejtková

Česká republika

Jitka Kopejtková is a photographer, collage artist and curator with an international reputation, her work belongs to the wave of so-called "new street art". In her work, she often works with posters from streets all around the world, which she elevates from unnecessary artefacts to a work of art through the process of creating and exhibiting in the gallery. She has regular shows in galleries from Paris to St. Petersburg, devotes herself also to mail art, stickers and organizes public lectures and workshops on the topic of Czech and world street art.

The first Sticker Wall in Prague!

The historically first "sticker wall" in Prague was created as part of the Off the Wall 2022 project on our wall! The author Jitka Kopejtková addressed her colleagues from the community of sticker artists, who literally showered her with envelopes with their original stickers. During the weekend event, Jitka created a unique composition from them and sent photos of their joint piece to all the artists involved.

Sticker Wall

Dimensions: 245 x 433 cm

Technique: combined technology

Material: stickers, newsprint, glue, varnish

Pour vous Jacques Villeglé  1926-2022

Dimensions: 244 x 320 cm
Technique: collage
Material: mixed media

OffTheWall_204 (1).jpg
OffTheWall_433 (1).jpg
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