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Josef Rataj

The Czech Republic

Josef Rataj is an internationally successful artist, painter, designer, choreographer and performer, represented in private, state and corporate collections all around the world, participant and organizer of street art events and workshops. After study trips to the USA and especially Las Vegas, his work is inspired by the world of advertising, the wild colours of glowing neons, the immortality of cult action heroes and the kitsch pop art of the 50s. Today he is one of the pioneers of this distinctive style on the Czech art scene.

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Dimensions: 245 x 570 cm

Technique: mural art

Material: spray paint, acrylic


Dimensions: 245 x 220 cm

Technique: mural art

Material: spray paint, acrylic

Love Set

Dimensions: variable

Technique: original design of furniture set with picture and carpet

Rataj-3 (1).jpg
Rataj (1).jpg
OffTheWall_14 (1).jpg
OffTheWall_221 (1).jpg
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