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Martin Gelnar

The Czech republic

Martin Gelnar comes from the specific city of Ostrava and although he enjoyed drawing and painting from an early age, it was only the use of sprays and the first graffiti in 2004 that brought a new impulse and dimension to his further artistic development. Today he devotes himself simultaneously to large-scale street art projects and more intimate studio paintings. In his free creation as well as commission work, he combines spray, brush and markers and is happy to watch how each new project moves his style and technique somewhere further.

A colab with Jiří Kučínský:

Martin and Jirka created a joint large-format work for the Off the Wall project, a kind of triptych on the theme of freedom. A dog running out of the city without a collar as the central motif of the painting is a symbol of freedom for the authors. On the contrary, dogs with a collar on their neck have their certainties, but they lose their imaginary freedom. And they see the same parable in humans.

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Lost in Freedom

Dimensions: 244 x 1048 cm
Technique: mural art / triptych
Material: spray paint, felt-tip pens, acrylic

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