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Sára Skoczková

The Czech republic

As a sculptor, Sára Skoczková seeks balance and calmness in her work, a distinctive expression for the representation of emotions and their principles. She is fascinated by the interior spaces of sculptures, which she creates as an external repository for the mind and body. Creation is a very intimate matter for her, during the process she naturally resonates with the sculpture, establishes a personal relationship and follows intuitively its growth, she does not try to bend the shapes or subdue them. She patiently searches for the most natural way to preserve the emerging statue its own life and energy.

A colab with David Tureček:

Sara and David often collaborate, dealing with a similar inner theme that is intertwined in the sculptures. Their views of the world and their work complement each other, although they differ in many ways. With a different approach to creation, they confront each other, and this confrontation enriches them with a broader perspective. The "Billboard" is a concrete object based on raw impression and peripheral perception of the surroundings, in this case a subliminal perception of ubiquitous concrete and advertising spaces with layered deposits of information.

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Dimensions: 220 x 110 x 40 cm
Technique: sculpture / object
Material: cement, sand, wood, iron, PVC, paper

David a Sára_BILLBOARD_2.jpg
David a Sára_BILLBOARD_1.jpg
OffTheWall_199 (1).jpg
OffTheWall_199 (1).jpg
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