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Shauna Blanchfield


Shauna Blanchfield is an Irish artist and freelance cultural events manager based in New Cross, London. Her artistic practice is based on figuration and in her works she reflects the idea of self-definition shaped by place. She is interested in issues of unreliability of memories, collective social identity and interdependence. Mural art, with a focus on the community, has revived her interest in artistic creation and she has now integrated murals and street art into her creative practice.

The text on her painting for Off the Wall translates as ‘O Generation of Freedom Remember Us, The Generation of Vision’.


It’s the final lines of an ‘aisling’ or ‘vision poem’, by Liam Mac Uistin, which is inscribed in the Dublin Garden of Remembrance. Aisling’s are a style of poem from the 18th century which spoke about the longing for Irish Independence, and the Garden commemorates all those who died fighting for it. This year is the 100 year anniversary of the foundation of the Irish Free State, which was a reason for Shauna to paint something to mark that.

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Generations of Freedom

Dimensions: 245 x 250 cm
Technique: mural art
Material: spray paint, acrylic

OffTheWall_192 (1).jpg
Shauna1 (2).jpg
Shauna3 (2).jpg
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